BAM’s Approach

Our motto is simplicity liberates creativity. And our simplicity has helped many cannabis brands break through and triumph. We’re a woman-owned agency with immense experience and a real drive to succeed. For past clients, we’ve created emotional, compelling stories that humanize cannabis and remind people about its real, life-changing benefits. We know cannabis, we know how it works, we know how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis marketing.

We’re a powerhouse of big brand experience combined with the nimble but tenacious spirit of a Brooklyn-based independent agency. And we’re hungry to help you.

5 Things To Know About Marketing Cannabis

• Since the start of Covid, legal cannabis sales have increased 46%
• The cannabis industry is expected to reach a job creation rate of 110%
• Most social platforms do now allow direct promotional ads or sales
• Posting product pictures or cannabis use could have your page taken down.
• Educational content gets higher engagement and reach

Breaking the Stigma of
Cannabis with Social

BAM launched KCR’s latest campaign PAINsylvania to highlight the pain of patients living with chronic conditions. Created as a social-forward campaign on 4/20, it includes heartwarming testimonials from people who’ve found relief with cannabis and who’ve finally got out of PAINsylvania and come home to Pennsylvania. Through their stories, BAM elevated KCR as not just a brand but a community and a support system for its patients.

Leveraging the Power of 4.20

For the past three years, we’ve successfully launched campaigns on 4.20, leveraging the biggest day for cannabis. In 2018, we started with For21 to highlight the 21 conditions medical cannabis was approved to treat in PA. Our campaign won a Gold Clio and was also featured in AdWeek’s top cannabis campaigns of the year. This year on 4.20, we launched PAINsylvania, a campaign featuring real patients who were living in pain and agony before they found cannabis.


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