BAM’s Approach

Our motto is Simplicity Liberates Creativity. And our approach has helped many brands, both big and small, consistently grow their share position to effectively challenge their categories. We have led some of the most powerful brands in the world and we put all that expertise to work to create enviable brand value.

Our Brooklyn-based independent communications agency has helped a $50MM eye care brand go from #8 to #3 in the dry eye market and ultimately selling at a $230MM value.  And a start-up cannabis player earning a $63MM deal with one of the largest cannabis companies.


How do you turn an established category on its head? Shift the conversation. While every other brand was talking about eye drops the BAM created eye therapy and leaned heavily into “dry eye” as a condition. Theratears began a five-year trajectory that was the envy of the biggest healthcare companies.  Contact us

Breaking the Stigma of Cannabis with Social

BAM launched KCR’s latest campaign PAINsylvania to highlight the pain of patients living with chronic conditions. Created as a social-forward campaign on 4/20, it includes heartwarming testimonials from people who’ve found relief with cannabis and who’ve finally got out of PAINsylvania and come home to Pennsylvania. Through their stories, BAM elevated KCR as not just a brand but a community and a support system for its patients.

Have You Heard?

ZTE’s Axon 7 came to us as a #2 player in China and a relatively unknown brand in the United States. It was entering the fray with Apple, Samsung amongst others. Learn how we launched the Axon 7 and helped it capture the #4 with less than 70% of the budgets of the big players.