Consumers seek more than mere messages from brands, they seek experiences.

We are an experience-first agency constantly in search of the human insight that we can marry to the newest technology, the absolutely right partner, the latest cultural trend to tell a brand story in a more moving, meaningful way. Through these experiences, we connect consumer and brand like never before.


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Immersive ‘Night Like No Other’ for Brockmans

BAM Experience created the first-ever branded partnership infiltrating the wildly popular McKittrick Hotel. We built a Brockmans’ pop-up bar during one of their immersive Saturday night dance parties. Our mission was to introduce New Yorker millennials to the unique flavor profile of Brockmans: a gin ‘like no other’.  The event got Brockmans onto the lips of 1,500 of the ultimate tastemakers, while truly giving them a ‘night like no other’.


How do you drive trial for a new-to-market gin called Brockmans? The Brockmen. BAM created a group of suave, well-dressed ambassadors to go out from bar to bar, make noise and bring the brand to the people. After buying rounds , the Brockmen invited patrons back to an exclusive party with cool people and lots of flowing Brockmans gin. At the private event, Luster Hashtag Printers encouraged partygoers to take photos. Each time a user posted a photo with our hashtag, the photo printed out in real time, while simultaneously amplifying our reach far beyond the venue.



What is a nasal spray doing at a Chili Pepper Festival? Being a very clever brand. The active ingredient in SinusBuster is a chili pepper, so BAM Experience had the brand sponsor the Brooklyn Chile Pepper Festival, where we reached 15,000 chili pepper lovers who couldn’t wait to try our product. BAM Experience made a smart, unexpected connection to a very enthusiastic audience, so the hottest thing at this pepper festival wasn’t a pepper.

We set up a GifGif booth at the event, using technology to enable users to create engaging imagery and share the experience via social media.

The platform helped us provide a seamless user journey from the creation of Gifs, to sharing the content with their friends across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.